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This is the familiar good news/bad news story. The bad news is that the host for the Speaking of Speech Blog (speakingofspeech.blog.com) has become increasingly glitchy.  The more traffic generated by visitors to the blog, the more often one would get the dreaded “Bad Gateway” message — a signal of server overload.  Flattering to think [...]


Guest Post: Video Inspires Social Language Therapy

SLP Michelle Ostrow writes: A dear friend and colleague of mine, Christine, recently introduced me to a wonderful website perfect for students working on social language skills.  I have found that even the students who “dread” coming to speech really enjoy this site and the motivational videos.  The first thing I do is turn off [...]


Baseline Artic Forms at the Ready!

Between preschool transition evaluations and school-age referrals, I do a lot of articulation screening and testing each year.  In a previous post, I told how Artic-U-Checks has been my go-to material for measuring baseline and then monitoring progress for artic students at the word and sentence levels.  Since there is precious little time in my [...]


$1 Finds = Organized TPT Cards

Between all of the therapy cards I’ve purchased on TPT and all of the cards I’ve created for my students, finding a way to organize and store each deck became critical to my mental health.  And where better to take a mental health break than a Dollar store, Staples, and — my new favorite — [...]

Guest Post: Eligibility and Dismissal Criteria

SLP Michelle Ostrow writes:  Over the years I have found it harder and harder to dismiss students for speech-language support services.  Even with eligibility criteria in place, parents just don’t seem to understand that there comes a time when students are no longer eligible.  I wanted to come up with language that I could start [...]

Guest Post

My Bag of Tricks

“My Bag of Tricks” is an exciting new feature that will link Speaking of Speech.com and Speaking of Speech.blog.com.  SLPs are invited to write a post about tips, large and small, that have proven to be effective in therapy — the very definition of “evidence-based practice.”   Interested in writing a post?  Please email pat@speakingofspeech.com.

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Old News is Good News

If you’ve followed my blog or attended one of my workshops, you know I’m huge fan of News-2-You and creator Jacquie Clark. The newspaper was a major part of my lessons when I worked in Life Skills programs.  I continue to use it effectively with my artic, language, fluency, and pragmatic kiddos.  Even though it [...]



Of all the therapy materials I’ve ever purchased or created, my number one, absolute favorite is Artic-U-Checks.  After 15 years of working with students who had moderate to profound disabilities, I transferred to an elementary caseload of mostly articulation students.  I searched for a tool I could use for establishing baseline and monitoring progress, but [...]


Making Sense of Sentences

When students have difficulty answering “wh” questions about sentences and stories, it could be due to attention or short term memory issues. It could also be that they simply don’t know how to organize information that they hear or read. I created a graphic organizer has been hugely beneficial to my students in Learning Support. [...]


Meet the Speech Gizmo!

If you are familiar with the /r/ materials I have on TPT, you’ll know that I am all about drill, drill, drill, combined with auditory, visual, and tactile feedback to teach vocalic /r/ sounds.  Sometimes, that tactile feedback includes giving the tongue a nudge up and back.  I found I can do this effectively and [...]